Zen Teaching on Wholeness

The attainment of wholeness requires on to stake one's whole being. Nothing less will do. There can be no easier conditions, no substitutes, no compromises.
- Carl Jung

A student asked Zen Master Seung Sahn, "How can I understand the Absolute?"

Zen Master Seung Sahn replied, "You must understand yourself."

"How can I understand myself?"

The Zen Master held up the Zen stick and said, "Do you see this?" He then quickly hit the table with the stick and said, "Do you hear this?"

Through this moment, we find that all things, just as they are, are complete.

In order to experience the Absolute, the ultimate truth, we need to understand the most immediate, which is ourself. And to understand ourself, is not to merely understand, but to experience, fully: the sound directly at hand, whether it is our bell, or any sound at all. To give our life to this moment - this moment - this moment, 100%. Attaining the moment, letting go of everything extra - we are suddenly, completely and joyously here. That quality of attention is sensed, when we receive it, and also as we give it. To experience this is a gift, shedding light on our corner of the world.

Listening 100%, acting 100%, engaging with our life wholeheartedly, the ancient words come alive: "Spring comes, the grass grows by itself." We attain the greenness of grass, we attain the fragrance of spring - most of all, we attain our self, which is to awaken.