Thank you so much for your interview answers. I just handed in the paper on young leaders in the dharma and your voice shone through in a way that really makes it appear that there's a strong future for Buddhism in America. Everyone here was very touched by your presence.
- Lodro Rindzler, Wesleyan University

Congratulations on your courageous journey and on your expressing it all for us in such a profoundly beautiful way. I remain positively delighted with your ongoing work at the Center.
- Jane Quale, Cambridge Zen Center Community Member

At Omega this summer, she constantly steered me back onto my own sacred path with gentleness and sincerity. She continues to do so whenever I have questions for her. Ji Hyang's determination to bring peace to all sentient beings is an inspiration to me.
- Ben Beirs, Omega Institute Staff

I am thrilled with the time I've spent with you learning about myself. I am now ready to open up more and your session will continue to give me strength to do so. I will always remember the gentle, kind ways you helped me confirm who I know I can be. You have a wonderful gift and I'm honored the universe sent you my way.
- Jayne Mayne, retired fed, enjoying future possibilities more thanks to Ji Hyang